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With Lender Funnel you submit one loan application and have access to over 140+ lenders 
with hundreds of loan programs that compete to offer you the perfect mortgage.
Why People Choose Us
Home loans can be very complex. The mortgage process can be grueling. But not when you work with
a Lender Funnel Loan Consultant. Often we can close a home loan within 30 days and we’re closing 
loans every day for our customers. This is because home loan approvals are completed right in our 
local office. Rapid and transparent decision-making can make the difference on a successful closing 
on your dream home.

About Our Company

Lender Funnel is a mortgage company that offers a clear competitive advantage, ensuring that you receive the absolute best terms available. Lender Funnel takes your loan application and has it bid upon by over 140 lenders, not just a handful or Wall St. “insiders” looking to make a quick buck from their friends. Lender Funnel is a true advocate for you, the borrower. We accomplish this very purpose by showcasing your application to eager lenders who want your business.

Company Philosophy

To offer complete lending transparency which does not favor the banks, but empowers the borrower. You should always be the primary beneficiary in all home loan and refinancing transactions. Homeownership offers many rewards, including the emotional connection we make with our home.

Our Mission

Our mission at Lender Funnel is to help you finance or refinance your home with the absolute best terms possible, Home ownership is a big accomplishment and we know that we are a part of your team to make that dream become a reality. Our Mortgage Loan Consultants provide an unmatched level of service to customers seeking a mortgage.

Some Loan Programs
First Time Home Buyers

When it comes to buying a home we take pride in finding the perfect loan for you. Even first time home buyers have many options. We will help you choose the perfect loan, price range, and even direct you to the right Realtor for you in your area.

A New Loan. Better Terms.

Refinancing your home loan allows you to replace your existing loan with a new home loan with better terms. You can either lower your monthly payment or get cash back from the equity you have in your home to payoff debt or remodel your home.

Down Payment Assistance Programs
Yes. We Know Them All.

Down payment assistance programs create opportunities for homebuyers and Realtors. We have access to down payment programs which you may be eligible for one or more. We will search for the perfect one and get you into a home.

Small Down Payment

An FHA loan allows you to buy a house with as little as 3.5% down. It's a perfect mortgage for first time buyers, or anyone with a small down payment to purchase a home. FHA credit qualifying guidelines are not as strict as conventional financing.

No Money Down

Military members who are currently serving or have completed six years of service and have been honorably discharged may be eligible for a VA loan. This benefit provides veterans with a federally guaranteed home loan with no down payment.

3% Down Payment Program

Home buying just got a lot easier. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the country’s two main mortgage rule-making agencies, now allow home purchases with just a 3% down payment. Rates are low and lenders who offer the program are widely available.

See what makes us different

We help our customers discover the lending solutions that best fit their credit score and income level. Unlike big, impersonal banks and lenders, we are real people who believe in utilizing modern technology to access over 140+ lending partners in order to provide you with the perfect mortgage loan.

  • Only one loan application to access 100

  • Modern technology that access 140+ lenders

  • A team with 25+ years of experience in lending and technology

  • Full transparency and no hidden fees

  • Excellent Service, Speed and Savings

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Get Your Perfect Loan Approval 
By Lender Funnel
Rapid and transparent decision-making can make the difference on a successful 
closing on your dream home.